Danem Oilfield & Energy – Qatar

Engineers Oil & Gas

We are offering our services to India and the Middle East region facilitating installation, setup and drilling activities for the customers. We have created our services in a way to help customers with flexibility, customization and on-site installation facilities especially for marine operations for the companies. We have worked with companies close to the India Coast and offer extended support to leading offshore companies operating in the India.

We are fully prepared to support production and drilling of oil sector with full support to make it a smoothing experience for the firms and taking all headaches of infrastructure management of the company. Our Domarine services are designed to meet offshore and offsite maintenance of production stations, rigs, heads and loading facilities.

Danem Oilfield & Energy is a subsidiary of Danem Group of Companies in India. It is a leading service provider to the energy sector and manufactures wide range of materials, equipment and tools for the energy sector. We are specialized in offshore maintenance services, building complex structures, production units, Well management, drilling and transportation services to our valued customers.

We offer on demand material supply, heavy equipment for lifting up to 800 tons capacity and capable of deploying units on the field on the needs of customers. Despite the terrible weather and environment conditions, we make everything possible in far-flung regions, deserts and even deep inside the water while catering specialized needs of our clients.